LocalWave is freedom in a framework.


The LocalWave platform gives local storefronts freedom within a brand’s nationally approved framework. Think of it as field activation with bumpers.

The platform isn’t an “off the shelf” tool you can download from an app store. It’s a cloud-based platform scalable for 100 storefronts to 15,000+. We built LocalWave from scratch. Think of it as a new spin on the local marketing playbook. We personalize it and calibrate it for every single client to make local trade area marketing more disciplined, insightful, precise and easy to carry out. The result: Local teams are empowered and enabled to implement the right programs with the right message in the right place at the right time.


Store-specific and localized marketing data help ensure users select the right local marketing programs for their trade area.

Users create tactical action plans and record marketing activity and results.


Dashboards deliver stats on how the functions of the platform are being used at the store level.

When combined with clients’ sales data, we know how local connections are driving sales and retention.


Store trade area data is displayed through maps plotting competition, customers, opportunities and local businesses.

Data is updated frequently. We deliver daily updates and we can even tell you when competitors are about to open in your neighborhoods.


The LocalWave platform allows seamless integration of all marketing touchpoints: internal marketing communications, email, social, branded assets and more.

We offer in-depth training, along with step-by step instructions and tools to guide field marketing activation.


We populate our platform with unique turnkey local programs and tactics: community/local business partnerships, event marketing, email templates, promotional materials and more.

Users can share best practices and find local events in their markets.


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