Our tech and tools are simply the means to help connect your people with customers. After all, data doesn’t buy products or services.

People do. People that live down the block. Right next door. Across the street. And brands that drive real-world conversations use technology to enable the world’s oldest form of local marketing automation: word of mouth.

LocalWave surrounds your localized data, marketing programs, and your custom platform with human intelligence and support.

Local Marketing Programs

Personalized programs humanize your brand.


Here’s a local marketing tip: let your brand be human. There’s no better way to take brand awareness to a more personalized level than through local marketing programs.

Care a lot about the local things: community partnerships, localized programs, store events, anything that empowers field activation. And care a lot about the little things: freebies, warm cookies, handouts, the stuff that helps express the brand. Focus on benefits over features, give people an invitation, not a call to action. Be open, honest, real. AKA, human.

Human Support

Guidance at every step.


LocalWave’s people, platform and tools simplify the complexities of reaching local markets. Our people help you connect national data, local data, insights, territories, programs, tactics, mapping, tracking, sharing and communicating.

We guide your every step through planning, launch and beyond. Now you can breathe a little easier. Think of us as your personal brand localization trainers. You still have to do a little lifting, but we help make it way easier.

Our People

The minds making waves.


We put people behind your brand before we put local marketing technologies behind your brand. That’s because LocalWave isn’t some tech start-up trying to find its legs.

It’s the culmination of retail marketing, field marketing, sales, operations, advertising, creative and research expertise that began over two decades ago at Two West.

Angela Potts

Managing Director

Tucker Pivonka

Product Manager

Todd Kelley

Director, Web Products